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Starts March 13th

Are You Ready to transform your mind, body & life?

This is round 3 of our most popular challenge. 1000s of lives changed since 2020.

Take our Octagon 3.0 quiz and we'll give you the ideal training pathway for your goals. There 8 pathways but you can mix & match too.

What do people say about the Turtle Method?

What do people say about the Turtle Method?

Listen to some success stories in the video below from Octagon 1 & 2



Of improving your body, knowledge and mindset. Live workouts, expert seminars, daily group chats and more. You'll for sure transform in 8 weeks if you put in the work.



With 8 unique pathways and lifetime access to the rest you essentially get 8 challenges in 1!

Running, strength, fat loss, yoga, general fitness, muscle gain and more.



Women from their 20s to 60s take part in our challenges. It's 1 thiving community of different backgrounds, goals, jobs and lifestyles but everyone has 1 goal, to improve their lives. It's a magical mix of people.

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The Octagon Story So Far

With Octagon our goal was simple: we wanted to create a health and fitness challenge that would change lives.

Most people think they need to eat the “right” foods, to take the “right” supplements and to follow a “unique” workout plan to finally crack the code of weight loss. But this isn’t the problem at all.

The problem is this - not understanding your core beliefs, what your ‘personal philosophy’ is towards life, food, movement, fat loss and pleasure. The problem is not realising the impact stress has on our ability to get into a calorie deficit to begin with.

The stress hormone cortisol, if flooded into the blood stream frequently, will cause you to crave high sugar/fat/salt foods, as it needs the energy for fight or flight.

Turn this on multiple times a day and try and follow a strict meal plan, and you’re in for a nightmare.

So when we look at the bigger picture, it wasn’t enough to offer fat loss help with nutrition and some training plans. To tackle the problem face on, with a real solution, we had to come up with more.

And that’s how the Octagon approach was born. Coaches from every angle were gathered to deliver the program.

It’s an 8-week transformative challenge that will help you upgrade your personal philosophy, handle stress, improve your strength, expand your mindset on what you can achieve and ignite that fire that was once inside you.

And let me tell you, that fire is not ignited by more meal plans, boring workout programs and all talk being about your weight. 1 lb there, 2 lbs here.

Enough of that. Whilst we use data like weight to help you improve your health, it's not the main metric for success.

And once you discover the bigger picture and look at this whole thing as a lifestyle change, and a way of living, the light turns on and never goes off. You can't unsee this.

Always focusing on weight becomes a distant memory.

Thinking of workouts as a way to burn calories is gone forever, you’re now doing it for strength, power and performance.

Thinking of eating as a strict all or nothing plan is obliterated, you’ve now unlocked yourself from the shackles of diet culture, and you’re free to eat again. This in itself unleashes a whole load of energy.

The reason Turtle changes so many lives is that we focus on life, and not just a small part of it like body fat and abs.

So if you want true change that will touch every corner of your life in the best way possible, there’s no better 8-week program to follow.

But before we get into the details of the program...

Octagon 2.0 End Of Challenge Event Video

Octagon 3.0 in a nutshell: